White Buttercream Cake with Cascading Pink Peonies

Textured Four-Tier Buttercream Cake with Peach Flowers

Vine-Trimmed Buttercream Cake on Mirrored Platter

Decorative Buttercream Cake with White and Purple Flowers

Semi-Naked Wedding Cake with Blackberries

Summery Garden-Inspired Wedding Cake with Fresh Berries

Vine-Accented Buttercream Cake

Homemade Buttercream Cake with Succulents

Purple Ombré Cake with Custom Topper

Happily Ever After Cake Topper

Tiered Cake with Cascading Garden Roses

Beach-Themed Wedding Cake With Mermaid Cake Topper

Blue and Gold Painted Watercolor Cake

Buttercream Polka Dot Cake with Rose Cake Topper

Whimsical Garden-Inspired Wedding Cake

Two-Tier Buttercream Cake With Custom Cutout Cake Topper

Elegant Pearl and Rose Wedding Cake

Single Tier Buttercream Cutting Cake

Wavy Buttercream Wedding Cake

Sophisticated Fruit Adorned Cake

Succulent-Topped Buttercream Wedding Cake

Rustic Camp-Themed Naked Wedding Cake

Single Tier Buttercream Cake with Blue Hydrangea Halo