Ivory and Gold Geometric Cake with Cascading Sugar Flowers

National-Park-Themed Wedding Cake

Metallic Fondant Cake with Hogwarts Backdrop

Hand-Painted, Three-Tier Cake with Peach Flowers

Hand-Painted Watercolor Round Cake

Modern Square Marbled Cake

Gold and Silver Cake

Simple Two-Tier Wedding Cake

Blue and Gold Brushed Wedding Cake

Naked Cake on Tree Slice Stand Topped with Apples

Classic Fondant Cake with Hand-Painted Cactus Motif

Hand-Painted Floral Wedding Cake with Vines

Hand-Painted Gold Fondant Cake

Gray Marbled Wedding Cake with Cascading Orchids

Gold Cake Decorated in Arrowheads

Rustic Hand-Painted Birch Bark Wedding Cake

Gold-Brushed, Two-Tier Cake Adorned with Ranunculuses

Simple Tiered Cake with Painted Pink and Gold Touches

Hand-Painted Gold Floral Wedding Cake

Hand-Painted Gold Ikat Cutting Cake

Hand-Painted Blush and Gold Naked Cake

Painted Green Garden-Inspired Wedding Cake

Silver Glitter Painted Wedding Cake