Square Cake Inspirational Real Wedding photos

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Unique, Three-Tier Wedding Cake in Lavender, Faux Cracks, Cascading White Ribbons and Aluminum

Whimsical Square Wedding Cake with Delicate Flowers

Minimal Modern Square Cake with Marble Design

Chocolate Groom’s Cake with Collegiate Spatula

Blue Square Wedding Cake on Copper Stand

Patterned Gold and Purple Square Cake

Black German Forest Cake

DIY Square Ivory Wedding Cake

Sugar Flowers Decorated the Tiered, Square-Shaped Wedding Cake

Colorful Polka Dot Wedding Cake

Square Cake with Flamingo Topper

Minimal Modern Square Cake with Black, White and Gold Design

Tiered Square Cake with Gold Accents and Custom Monogram

Industrial-Themed Cake

Three-Tier Square Wedding Cake

Square Wedding Cake with Gold Leaf Detail

Modern white Cake with Geode Cutout Design

Tiered Wedding Cake with Square and Round Layers

Traditional Cake Cutting with Rectangular Cake

Tiered Square Cake with Wood-Grain Fondant Detail

Modern Square Marbled Cake

Square Wedding Cake Sfogliatelle

Faux-Bois Wedding Cake