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Jewel Tone Inspirational Real Wedding Photos

Colorful Jewel Tone Bouquet for Wedding at 701 Whaley in Columbia, South Carolina

Bouquet of Peonies, Scabiosa, Ranunculus and Ferns

Elegant Purple Bridesmaid Dresses and Pink and Purple Bouquets

Jewel-Tone Bouquet of Roses and Wildflowers

Jewel-Tone Bouquet with Roses, Dahlias and Veronica

Dining Table with Pink Flowers and Blue Candles

Dining Table with Fuchsia Linen and Gold Chairs

Multicolor Agate Escort Cards

Elegant Bridesmaids Wearing Mismatched Jewel-Toned Dresses

Classic Burgundy Boutonniere Wrapped in Dark Blue Velvet

Modern, Jewel-Tone Floral Arrangements on White Pedestals at Saint Anthony

Eclectic Jewel-Tone Reception at The Foundry

Modern Bridesmaids Wearing Jewel-Tone Dresses

Colorful and Eclectic Centerpieces at Dining Table

Grooms Wearing Purple and Green Jackets

Vintage Ruby and Gold Engagement Ring

Romantic Jewel-Toned Invitations with Gold Calligraphy

Vintage Red Velvet Chair and Autumn Bouquet

Jewel Tone Bouquets with Roses, Peonies and Ranunculus

Wedding Shoes with Feathers and Flowers

Colorful Flower Arrangement with Chrysanthemums and Roses

Vintage Jewel-Tone Glassware

Jewel-Tone Vintage Lounge Furniture