Indian Couple Wearing Traditional Hindu Wedding Attire

Jewish and Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Indian Bride in Traditional Red and Gold Wedding Sari

Glamorous Indian Wedding Party in St. Louis

Bride in Pink Indian Lehenga Before Hindu Ceremony

Traditional Mandap with Red Carnations and Draping

Couple Recesses Down Aisle Lined with Marigold Garlands

Traditional Hindu Ceremony at Woodend Sanctuary

Hindu Bride with Red Jeweled Veil and Orchid Hairpiece

Jewish and Hindu Ceremony Traditions

Custom Henna Design with Illustration of Couple

Glamorous Indian Wedding Party in Colorful Dresses and Saris

Indian Groom in Classic Tux and Bride in Pink and Gold Lehenga

Henna Tattoos

Aisle Accented with Orange and Yellow Marigolds

Mandap Draped with White Fabric and Flowers

First Dance at Ru’s Farm

Indian Groom Makes Traditional Doli Entrance

White Sweetheart Chair with Gold-Dipped Leaf Arch and Hanging Chandeliers

Indian Henna Illustration of Couple

Ombré Carnations Hanging from a Traditional Mandap

Couple in Hot-Pink Cadillac

Vibrant Turquoise and Gold Bridesmaid Saris