Interfaith Inspirational Real Wedding photos

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Dinner Inside Italian Estate, Chandelier Centerpieces, Renaissance Feel

White-and-Pink Floral Arrangement in Stone Vase, Catholic Church in Italy

Groom and Bride in Traditional, Colorful Ghanaian Garb for Multicultural Wedding

Bride and Groom During the Traditional Monk's Blessing, Khmer Wedding

Interfaith Bride and Groom in Red and Gold Lehenga and Kurta

Bride With White and Lavender Bouquet and Groom in Gray Tuxedo at Vineyard

Laid-Back, Casual Inter-Faith Wedding Ceremony Decor at Woods Edge Llama Farm in Stockton, New Jersey

Wedding Ceremony Decor at Cranbrook Art Museum in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Poolside Reception at Italian Estate With Views of the Countryside

Bride in Pink Lehenga With Bridal Party Performing Dance, Indian/African Wedding

Bride in Gown and Catherdral-Length Gown and Groom in Light Teal Suit, Italian Courtyard

Bride and Groom in Formal Attire Taking Shots at Backyard Wedding

Bride and Groom Walk in Traditional Khmer Clothing At Cambodian Wedding

Bride, Groom and Alpacas at Woods Edge Llama Farm in Stockton, New Jersey

Bride, Groom and Llama at Woods Edge Llama Farm in Stockton, New Jersey

Indian Wedding Ceremony at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms in Dexter, Michigan

Vases, Plants, Bottles in Varying Colors on Bar at Interfaith Wedding

Couple Holding Red Solo Cup Shot Glasses at Backyard Reception

Blessing the Bride With Holy Water During a Khmer Knot-Tying Ceremony

Floral Sugarcane Grids Floating in Pool of Private Estate at Interfaith Wedding

A Ceremony Mandap at a Private Vineyard Residence Overlooking Hills in California

Bride and Groom During Traditional Hindu Wedding Ceremony

Bride and Groom at Wedding at Zingerman’s Cornman Farms inDexter, Michigan