Rachel & Jeffrey: A Casual Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Internet aficionados Rachel and Jeffrey enlist the bride's brother's eye for style and her Latin heritage at their formal fall wedding that bursts with pink and orange hues. THE BRIDE Raquel (known as Rachel) Perez, 35 THE GROOM Jeffrey Paul Emmons, 26 THE DATE October 6 The day before he was to propose to Rachel, Jeffrey sat across the kitchen table from her father, making jittery small talk as he worked up the nerve to ask him for permission to marry his daughter. Finally, I just asked, remembers Jeff. With a slight smile, her father reached across the table and said 'yes.' Next, Jeff asked Rachel's mother for her permission. Only this time it was a little more difficult, because my mother-in-law doesn’t speak much English and I had to ask in Spanish. The next evening, the couple went to a movie (Charlie’s Angels) at the same theater where they had their first date. As the credits began to roll and Rachel got up to leave, Jeff asked her to wait a minute -- and a slide popped up on the screen, with a photo of the couple and the words, Rachel, will you marry me?