Rebekah & Murrey: An Indoor Wedding in Dallas, TX

Rebekah and Murrey first met as counselors at a Christian sports camp in Missouri. Although they didn’t go on an actual date until their third summer, during the year Rebekah says they had “really built a genuine friendship” over the phone -- made even stronger when Rebekah’s job transferred her to Dallas, where Murrey lived. At first, both were apprehensive of romance, but after just one date Murrey knew Rebekah was “the one.” The Bride Rebekah Davis, 24, corporate design specialist for a florist The Groom Murrey McKee, 23, insurance broker The Date September 22 Ten months later, Murrey surprised Rebekah with a proposal. And that was hardly the day’s only surprise: after meeting up with members of Rebekah’s family at her apartment, everyone casually “decided” to go out to dinner together, only to find Murrey’s family and all of the couple’s friends from across the country waiting to celebrate with them. “I couldn’t believe Murrey pulled all of that together without me ever catching on!” says Rebekah.