Hand-Painted Red Flowers on White Wedding Cake

Individual Pies for Dessert

A Blush and Burgundy Watercolor Cake with a Topper and Dahlias

Elegant Trio of Wedding Cakes on Gold Stands

Orchid and Ranunculus Adorned Wedding Cake

Red Golf Bag Groom's Cake

Ivory Wedding Cake, Red Cake Flowers

Ivory Beaded Wedding Cake with Roses

Two-Tier Wedding Cake with Fall Blooms and Personalized Cake Topper

Lemon Cake with a Peony, Rose and Ranunculus

Burgundy and Gold Fondant Cake with Sugar Flowers

Bright Red Cake With White Fondant Orchids

Rustic, Rough-Frosted Wedding Cake With Crimson Flowers

Elaborate Gold and Peach Wedding Cake

Polished Buttercream Cake with Fresh Flower Accents

Four-Tier Rosette Fondant Wedding Cake

Buttercream Cake with Fresh Flowers and Hobnail Treatment

Naked Cake Topped with Roses and Chrysanthemums

Silver, Ivory and Red Seven-Tier Cake

Round Chocolate Fudge Naked Cake

Rustic Buttercream Cake With Fall Flowers

Baseball-Inspired White Wedding Cake

Flower Decorated Cake