Retro Weddings


Vintage Typewriter Note From Couple, Postcard Guestbook for Guests

Long Head Table With Hanging Installation of Edison Lights, Hanging Greenery and Floral Runners

Retro, Luggage-Tag-Themed Escort Cards With Airplane Details in Black and White

Retro Deli Booth Seating at Rehearsal Dinner

Craspedia/ Billie Ball Yellow Wedding Bouquet

Heart-Shaped Retro Wedding Cake for Elopement, Cherries and Funny Details

Bride Touches Up Makeup in Mirror Before Intimate, Funky Hotel Elopement

1970s-Inspired DIY Colorful Backdrops and Velvet Lounge Furniture, Hanging Florals

Grooms in Matching Formal Attire Doing Choreographed First Dance Under String Lights, Hanging Greenery

Outdoor Reception Under String Lights With Emerald, Black Linens, Elegant Decor

Aviation-Themed Escort Card Display Seating Chart With Luggage Tag Cards, Retro Vibe

Offset Black-and-White Tuxedos With Classic Background for Two Grooms

Reception Structure With Colorful Chandelier at Retro Wedding

Bride Posing With Diner Food at Restaurant Elopement Party

Bride With Curtain Bangs and Puff Sleeves Hugs Groom in Blue Suit

Retro 1970s Lounge Setup With Velvet Details and Colorful DIY Art Backdrops

Retro, Vinyl Guest Book With Custom Wedding Logo and Photo of The Grooms

Groom in Classic Tuxedo Holding an Emerald Green Vow Book With Gold Writing

Bride and Groom Sitting in Diner Booth at Rehearsal Dinner

Colorful Orange Lounge Seating at Wedding Cocktail Hour

Round Colorful Wedding Invitations

Bride in a Minidress and Groom in Checkered Suit With Champagne in Hotel Suite

Colorful Wildflower Altar Decor With Coral, Yellow, Orange and White Flowers