Octagonal Bamboo Motif Dinnerware

Love Marquee Lights

Bright Retro Cocktail Lounge Furniture

Retro Rattan Sweetheart Chairs

"J & C" Light-Up Marquee

Retro Reception with Wicker Chair Seating

Brown and White Geometric Napkin Holders

White, Gold and Black Dining Tables

Mid-Century Modern Dining Table and Chairs

Groom in Burgundy Suit with Black Bowtie

Retro Polka Dot Table Linens

Diverse Dessert Selection, Mini Cakes

Wood Pew Bench Ceremony Seating

Suspended Retro Lantern Installation

Rustic, Retro Wedding Decor

Long Reception Table Decor and Dinnerware

Yellow Velvet Retro Cocktail Lounge

Colorful DIY Yarn Display Backdrop

Gold-Detailed Bridal Gown

Retro Polka Dot Table Linens

The Boutonnieres

“Mr. & Mrs. Freytag” Light Up Marquee Letters

Movie Colony Hotel Poolside Reception Venue