Robin & Jonathan: A Traditional Wedding in Atlanta, GA

It took three years of friendship and a trip abroad for two University of Richmond students to find their soul mates. Robin and Jonathan met through a mutual friend their freshman year of college. When Jonathan transferred to the University of Virginia his sophomore year, he made sure to get closer to Robin. They decided to participate in the university's summer abroad program in London, England. As their friendship grew stronger, so did their romantic feelings for each other. That fall he finally got up the courage to ask her out to lunch. The Bride Robin McGee, 28, public health researcher The Groom Jonathan Zurick, 28, in finance The Date September 15 Five years later, during a hike in the north Georgia mountains, Jonathan was goofing around taking pictures of Robin as they hiked the Raven's Creek trail. He tricked Robin into turning the other way, so he could pull out the ring. When she turned back around she found him on one knee. They drove home to Atlanta to share their good news, and when Robin opened the door to her apartment, she found it filled with red roses. Jonathan had asked her family (who owns a flower shop) to decorate it as a surprise.