Rona & David: A Modern Wedding in Closter, NJ

When mutual friends connected David with Rona on, he was initially intrigued by her experience living in exotic places, which included everything from Key West to Israel. They decided to meet, and Rona was impressed with David’s genuine interest in her. A relationship blossomed, and the couple dated for over a year. The Bride Rona Shalev, 30, child psychologist The Groom David Kraut, 33, attorney The Date March 18 One night they had planned to go to dinner with their parents, but when Rona arrived at David’s apartment, he was late getting ready and suggested she catch up on the latest episode of 24, a show they both loved to watch. Rona quickly discovered that the show he’d put on wasn’t 24 after all, but a 24-style video of their first date followed by a slideshow of their time together as a couple—complete with theme music. When it was over, David asked Rona to report to the “situation room” (his bedroom) and proposed to her in Hebrew and English, presenting her with a diamond that was a family heirloom.