Rose & Ethan: An Outdoor Wedding in Los Angeles, CA

Rose was celebrating what she thought was just an ordinary birthday two years ago when she got the surprise of a lifetime. While having brunch with friends at an outdoor restaurant, a “WedEx” delivery truck pulled up and she was asked to sign for a large package. Suddenly, a handsome man, dressed to the nines in a tuxedo, popped out with a bouquet of roses. She fell back into her chair as the man came closer, dropped to one knee, and asked her to marry him. The Bride Rose Lee, 28, junior television executive The Groom Ethan Ham, 29, investment banker The Date July 9 Ethan Ham knows how to plan. As he waited for Rose’s birthday to roll around, he was busy scouting out the perfect restaurant, renting a truck, creating a “WedEx” logo (modeled after the FedEx logo, of course), and hiring a coworker as his delivery guy. “To this day, I get so overwhelmed when I think back to that special day and think about all the time, effort, and love Ethan put into planning the whole proposal,” Rose says. Thanks to his talents, he proved to be a great asset when planning the wedding.