Rose & Stayton: A Modern Wedding in Calistoga, CA

Dramatic combinations of mango and chocolate brown were a fabulous way to highlight Rose and Stayton's celebration. The Bride Rose Roberts, 29 The Groom Stayton Creech, 30 The Date August 27 Even though Rose took the initiative of asking Stayton for his number, he had to do at least some work for a date. Rose and Stayton were both working in the San Francisco area when they were introduced through mutual friends at a bar. The two hit it off immediately and spent the evening talking and dancing. When they shared a cab at the end of the night, Rose was surprised he hadn’t asked to hang out again. I had never asked a guy for his number, Rose says, so I waited until the very last minute to ask for his. Though she made the first move, Rose still waited for Stayton to make the first call. I figured that he knew I was interested, Rose says, and if he wanted, he could get in touch with me! Sure enough, Stayton did call and the pair soon began dating. Four years later they were vacationing in Florida when Rose found a trail of rose petals leading to their room after dinner, ending at a ring box and a proposal. The couple wed six months later at a ranch in Calistoga.