Rustic Chic Wedding at Centaur Arabian Films in Flint, Texas

Amber Pike (24, registered dental hygienist) and Ryan Bell (23, measurement technician) were friends on Myspace in high school and eventually mustered up the courage to meet at a bowling alley. When Amber arrives at the bowling alley, she realizes she forgot her socks, so while she was standing at the sock machine with a crumpled up dollar bill, Ryan walks over. She was mortified! Luckily, Ryan saved the day with his crisp dollar bill and the two dated for the rest of high school and college throughout Ryan's baseball career. Six years down the road, Ryan prepared a candlelit dinner for Amber in his backyard and got down on one knee just before they indulged in Amber's favorite strawberry cake. Their wedding was at Centaur Arabian Farms in Flint, Texas. The couple's wedding ceremony took place under a rustic pavilion with Arabian horses grazing in the background, and the reception area was inside a remodeled barn. "It had the exact rustic chic look I was going for," says Amber, "and a huge plus was that it was the ideal location for all of our family and friends." Amber knew she wanted a trumpet fitted wedding dress and found the perfect fit at Dress Me, a small hometown boutique. The wedding party dressed in taupe to match the neutral color palette. Amber and Ryan sent their guests home to 'Spread the Love' with homemade jam favors for a sweet memory of their rustic country chic wedding.