Rustic, Same-Sex Mountain Wedding at a Private Residence in Alta Lakes, Colorado

For their rustic mountain wedding, Erin Hamilton, 34, a writer and Amy Smith, 30, the owner of Horizon Maintenance, LLC (who met through a mutual frie

For their rustic mountain wedding, Erin Hamilton, 34, a writer and Amy Smith, 30, the owner of Horizon Maintenance, LLC (who met through a mutual friend) brought their guests to the middle of nowhere. Well, 30 minutes outside of Telluride. Surrounded by lakes and mountains at an altitude of 11,300 feet , Amy and Erin hosted a multi-day celebration full of quirky DIY elements, sentimental details and salvaged antiques. "We wanted to pay proper homage to the amazing setting while allowing it be naturally rustic and adventurous," says Erin. Wood signage, local wildflowers and a neutral color palette of whites and black let the incredible surrounding take center stage.

“We picked the site because it is silly amazing,” says Erin.  “It’s a gorgeous house nestled in a high mountain basin at 11,300 feet—just a 30 minute drive from quaint Telluride.” With guests traveling from all over, the couple hosted a multi-day celebration  so everyone could experience the Telluride area.
A rustic DIY wood wedding sign welcomed guests to Amy and Erin's outdoor mountain wedding ceremony.
Exactly one year before their wedding, Amy and Erin went to their ceremony site and sprinkled wildflower seeds in the fields—sowing the seeds of their love!  A year later they were surprised to discover that the exact spot they had chosen to stand for the ceremony was bursting with white daisies.  “We didn’t plan that, but it was pretty special,” says Erin.
Wooden folding chairs blended into the rustic surroundings at Amy and Erin's outdoor wedding ceremony. Some guests watched the ceremony unfold from a nearby plateau while others chose to sit for an up close and personal view of the vows.
A white ram skill adorned with a red carnation and a feather served as a rustic ceremony backdrop for Amy and Erin's mountaintop wedding ceremony.
The couple shared their wedding hashtag, “#amyanderin” on handmade wooden signs scattered throughout the space. Talk about a rustic spin on a modern activity!
To honor their mother who passed away three years before the wedding, Erin's brother made mobiles with items they found in her craft box, like feathers, beads and shells.  These were hung in the trees around the ceremony site.
I lost my mom a few years ago very suddenly to cancer. “Being a bride is a completely different experience for a motherless daughter,” says Erin, who lost her mom to cancer.  The couple worked with their officiant to create a heartfelt ceremony that included her.  “Amy was primarily raised by her mother as well, so the entire thing was very celebratory and reverent of the wonderful mothers that turned us in to wonderful women,” adds Erin.
Amy and Erin's friends Alex Paul and Ian Leonard played an acoustic version of The Beatles song “I’ve Just Seen a Face” on mandolin and guitar while ladies processed together down the aisle.
Amy and Erin both carried colorful, unfussy bouquets of local wildflowers like black-eyed Susans, daisies and grasses.
“It can be tough for two women when one isn't wearing a classic black or white suit—two random dresses could be a disaster together!” says Erin.  After settling on Amy's gold sequin skirt and white blouse, the couple turned their attention to Erin's dress. “When I found my gown, the staff at A&Be Bridal helped to sneak Amy into the shop and we both put on our outfits on either side of a curtain. A group of friends were then able to see what we would look like together, without us actually seeing each other!”
Amy and Erin's friend gathered feathers and local wildflowers like black-eyed Susans and daisies and arranged them in reused jars for the reception centerpieces. Some jars—like this Vlassic pickle jar—kept their original labels for a quirky touch.
Bird feathers dipped in gold paint added a touch of glam to the rustic mountain wedding decor.
In the weeks before the wedding, Erin hand painted fifteen antlers with black, gold, turquoise and silver stripes to be used as reception centerpieces.  “Each turned out so well, and so different!” she says.
Amy and Erin made custom Koozies for the beer cans—the front said “Drunk on Love 9.6.2014” and the back had the quote “You are the poem I never knew how to write, and this life is the story I have always wanted to tell.”
Guests snacked on fresh salt caramel candies during the reception.
In addition to a traditional wedding cake, Amy and Erin also offered cupcakes and single serving cheesecakes for dessert.
Amy and Erin served a simple buttercream cake with seasonal fresh fruit fillings—peach compote between, blackberries and raspberries—and topped with sugar blooms.