Rustic Table Settings

Slate place mats set a rustic but elegant tone for the settings. Small wooden bowls decked with tiny white flowers and herbs brought a touch of warmth to the masculine array.


Same-Sex Ceremony in a Brooklyn Backyard

Rustic Ceremony at The Farm at Brusharbor in Concord, North Carolina

Rustic Table Settings

Grooms with Traditional Lazo Floral Garland

Handfasting Ceremony with Beads

Same Sex Ceremony with Two Brides

Birch and Moss Ring Box

Fall-Inspired Wedding Arch

Pride Sign in Multiple Languages

Classic Black Tux Groom Style with Bow Tie

Wedding at Peninsula Room

Classic Black Tux Groom Style with Bow Tie

Recessional on Flower-Petal-Lined Aisle

Rustic Ceremony Setup

Couple Whispering Wedding Vows

Running Hare Vineyard Ceremony

Rustic Wedding Arbor

Rustic Wedding Arbor

Casual, Modern Wedding at Bowling Alley

Same-Sex Ceremony Under Garlands

Rustic Mixed Greenery Ceremony Garland

Classic and Bohemian Strapless Wedding Dresses