Rustic Wedding in Cincinnati, OH

Whenever friends of Jody and Brian would ask when the two were getting engaged, Brian always had the same response: “She won’t marry me. I only have two requirements -- Vegas and Elvis -- and she’s not on board.” After returning from their second trip to Las Vegas, Jody finally conceded and told Brian that she’d give in to his “demands.” Then, he really surprised her: He told her that they should get married anywhere she wanted. The Bride Jody Coleman, 38, sales The Groom Brian Kimball, 35, sales The Date April 2 Jody literally started planning their wedding the next day. An orange-and-green color palette and a wheat motif inspired much of the day’s décor. To help bring together all the details, the couple decided to hire a wedding planner. The result: an outdoor spring ceremony followed by an intimate, indoor dinner reception with a rustic feel.