Sai & Taylor: A Cultural Wedding in Tacoma, WA

Sai and Taylor learned more than physics when they became lab partners at the University of Washington. Chemistry seemed to be the better subject. They lost touch after their class ended but reconnected during Sai’s last year of school, at which point she asked Taylor out to a Mariners game. Sai then had to cancel, but all was not lost: She made it up to him with dinner and a movie, and Taylor was smitten. When it came time for Sai to begin graduate school in Ann Arbor, a love-struck Taylor followed her across the country. The Bride Sai Samant, 26, PhD student The Groom Taylor Rielly, 27, law student The Date August 6 Because the couple had relocated far from home, they decided to make planning their wedding easier by hiring an event planner. They went with Jillian Nelson of Personal Events, a New England–based planner whose hometown is Seattle, making her familiar with all things wedding-related in the area. “She walked us through every aspect and left us to the fun stuff that we wanted to deal with,” Sai says. And the fun stuff included splashing the wedding with their signature colors of chocolate, pool, and coral, and infusing the day with cultural details from their respective backgrounds (she’s Indian, he’s Irish) and natural details from their Tacoma and Seattle surroundings.