Sarah & Peter: A Fall Celebration in New York, NY

From the moment he laid his eyes on her, Peter had a thing for Sarah. She was 16 and working at Baskin-Robbins -- he was 14 with a massive crush on the “older woman,” who he’d go to the store to check out. “I paid no mind to this young boy with braces,” Sarah says with a laugh. Twelve years later, both were living in New York City and met at a dinner with mutual friends. Sarah was surprised when Peter casually referenced her past life as a Baskin-Robbins scooper. Though she didn’t remember him, his memory made an impression, and the two kept in touch via email. “It didn’t take long to realize that this guy who I thought was so much younger than me, and who basically stalked me at Baskin-Robbins, was a kind, honest, generous, and handsome man,” Sarah admits. The Bride Sarah Agajanian, 31, elementary school teacher The Groom Peter Von Der Ahe, 30, commerical real estate broker The Date October 15 After more than two years of dating, not to mention a 14-plus year crush, planning a surprise proposal was easy for Peter. He had someone call Sarah at work and say he had an important package for her boss that she needed to pick up in person. “Extremely annoyed, I told this ‘FedEx guy’ to take it to the mail room, but he told me he was worried about getting a ticket and I’d have to come get it in person,” she says. “I thought that was suspicious and told my coworkers to come look for me if I wasn’t back in three minutes.” When she went downstairs during rush hour to look for the FedEx truck, she saw a black car, from which Peter jumped out with champagne and a ring. Peter had given two passersby disposable cameras to document his Madison Avenue proposal. With their families on the West Coast, Sarah and Peter handled the bulk of the planning details on their own. Sarah and Peter's fall celebration centered on one single color -- brown.