Sarah & Ryan: A Traditional Wedding In Grand Rapids, MI

From the very beginning, Ryan and Sarah matched each other’s pace. Sarah clearly recalls the day she first met Ryan at Purdue University. We had a lot of the same courses, and our apartments were very close together, so our path home was the same, she says. Ryan claims that he had to walk briskly to keep up with me, but one day he was able to catch up and begin a conversation. The Bride Sarah Hammond, 24, recruiter The Groom Ryan Edwards, 25, in mutual fund sales The Date September 23 Three years later, while on a trip to Las Vegas, Ryan chose a romantic (and well-timed) moment to propose after a luxurious dinner at the Bellagio. The pair had just moved to an outdoor terrace for dessert and drinks overlooking the fountains when Ryan got down on bended knee. A couple at another table sent us a bottle of champagne to congratulate us, Sarah remembers. It was an amazing evening! After a 10-month engagement the couple walked down the aisle in Sarah’s hometown church -- and Ryan had no trouble catching up.