Shalene & BJ: A Traditional Wedding in Fort Worth, TX

Shalene Kelly and Bruce (BJ) Roberts Jr. met during their very first semester at Texas Christian University, but the two were just friends all through college. I cheered for him at football games, we two-stepped at theme parties, and he fixed my car that was in constant need of a tune-up, Shalene remembers. The two kept in touch after college, and once BJ moved back to Fort Worth they began to see more of one another. The Bride Shalene Kelly, 26, magazine editor The Groom Bruce (BJ) Roberts Jr., 26, branch manager The Date January 28 One night, they went out for Chinese food and BJ's fortune cookie read, Never let an opportunity pass you by. They had their first kiss that night, and the next day, BJ came over and told Shalene he couldn't be friends anymore -- that is, just friends. The two began dating, and nine months later the couple's pastor asked Shalene if she and BJ could come by one Sunday afternoon. She and the pastor stepped into the chapel to find the pews filled with the couple's friends and family, and BJ was standing by the candlelit altar waiting to ask her to marry him. Five months later, the couple met at the altar once more -- this time, to say, I do.