Shayna & Marc: A Blue Wedding in New Castle, NH

Shayna and Marc might never have gotten together if it weren’t for Marc’s brother, Nick. Though all three knew each other, it was Shayna and Nick who quickly became good friends -- “Marc seemed to barely notice me,” Shayna remembers. A few years after they first met, however, Marc started to ask Nick about Shayna quite a bit, and Shayna and Marc went on a few dates. Before they knew it, “things just took off!” Shayna says. The Bride Shayna Berube, 26, corporate training manager The Groom Marc Anthony Campiola, 30, production supervisor The Date June 17 A few years later, Marc told Shayna they’d be going out to dinner with some friends. They were the first to arrive at the restaurant, and eventually Marc checked his voicemail and told Shayna their friends couldn’t make it. After dinner, Marc asked Shayna if she’d liked to check out the dessert cart -- but after getting up, he came back to the table with a large white box. Puzzled, Shayna opened it to find two dozen white roses and a note that said, “Will you marry me?” Marc got down on one knee to ask her himself, and as she said yes, everyone in the restaurant cheered and applauded.