Shuggie Otis Ceremony Music

The bride walked down the aisle to "Strawberry Letter 23" by Shuggie Otis.


The Hungry March Band

Old-Time Jazz Wedding Band

Romantic First Dance

Live Folk Band with Bass During the Reception

Boca Raton, Florida Live Harp Ceremony Music

Live Violin Ceremony Music

Couple Performs First Song at Reception

Sheer Black Opera Gloves

Live Aerialist Cocktail Hour Performance

Singing Wedding Vows

Modern Ceremony Song

Groom Playing With the Live Band

Beatles Record-Inspired Guest Book

Live Band in Westmore, Vermont Barn Reception

Belle Amour Vintage Jazz Band

Star Trek–Themed ’80s Cover Band

Groom Sings Bridal Processional Song

Vintage-Style Phonograph Wedding Music

Married Couple Cake Cutting at Reception

Trumpet-Playing DJ

Musical Wedding Favor Soundtrack CD