Sonia & Vivek: A Cultural Wedding in Charlotte, NC

It's the tooth: Sonia and Vivek instantly bonded during their dental residency program in New York City. They spent three years there before moving apart. The Bride Sonia Chopra, 30, endodontist The Groom Vivek Kashyap, 31, dentist The Date August 31 While visiting Sonia in Florida one weekend, Vivek secretly booked a sunset cruise in Key West. The day was gloomy and overcast, but as Sonia and Vivek boarded, the clouds cleared. After enjoying wine and cheese, the couple walked to the front of the boat— away from the skipper—for some privacy. The sun was beginning to set when Vivek surprised Sonia with a poem. The last line? A proposal. Over the next year and a half, Vivek (yes, Vivek!) handled most of the planning for their 400-guest wedding in his hometown.