Sonya & Babur in Ipswich, MA

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From the moment Sonya met Babur she knew she was going to marry him. The two were introduced by a mutual friend, and even though they lived thousands of miles apart (he in South Carolina and she in Indiana) the couple dated for two years before deciding to go their separate ways. More than a year had passed when Sonya, traveling back from London after visiting family, mentioned her relationship with Babur to the passenger seated next to her. Her seatmate encouraged her to give Babur a call, and so she did once she arrived back home. The two reconnected, and the very next weekend Babur (who was now living in Boston) flew to Indiana for a visit. The Bride Sonya Adam, 33, physician The Groom Babur R. Mian, 37, executive The Date April 26 Sonya's intuition from their first introduction proved correct, and before the weekend ended the two had mapped out a timeline that ended with their wedding. They married just six months later in Pakistan, followed by a reception back home on the historic Crane Estate.

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