These Brides Planned a Sophisticated-Yet-Personal Wedding at Parlor Public House in Indianapolis, Indiana

Though Alexa Pratt and Amanda Duba went to the same high school, fate wouldn’t have them meet until they both attended the same college; their paths c

Though Alexa Pratt and Amanda Duba went to the same high school, fate wouldn’t have them meet until they both attended the same college; their paths crossed at Indiana University when a mutual friend brought them together. Amanda fondly recalls, “We have a mutual best friend who introduced us, and she ended up being one of our bridesmaids!” This introduction was the beginning of a bond that would flourish into something much more profound.

Their relationship, nurtured through shared experiences and a deep understanding of each other, culminated in a magical moment. “Amanda proposed to me at Newfields Art Museum in the Van Gogh LUME exhibit,” Alexa recounts. Understanding the significance of family in their lives, Amanda made sure some notable guests were part of this special moment. “She knew that having my sisters present was really important to me, so they were there and just as surprised and ecstatic as I was!” In the incredible atmosphere of art, love, and family, Amanda asked; Alexa said, “Yes!”

The couple had a general motif in mind when they began to plan. “Our goal was to have an elegant, fun and love-filled event,” Amanda details. This blended inspiration produced several personalized elements. Alexa shares, “We chose black for our bridal parties,” a decision that set the tone for an event that was both sophisticated and welcoming. The pair wanted to encourage their attendees to dress in a way that made them “feel fancy, comfortable and confident.” The couple’s inclusive approach was a testament to their loving nature.

As they delved into the details, the venue selection became pivotal. Amanda recalls, “We chose Parlor Public House because it already came decorated in the style we were going for.” The venue’s lush greenery and gold accents meant they could focus on adding personal touches, like the handmade wooden arch that Amanda and her dad lovingly crafted, creating the “perfect backdrop for the ceremony.”

Fashion choices were a highlight of the planning process. Both brides found themselves unexpectedly falling in love with their dresses during a whimsical visit to Gretchen’s Bridal. “Alexa found her dream dress in the Jasmine dress from the Disney Wedding Gown collection,” Amanda says. Amanda’s own dress, a Greek goddess-style gown complete with a lace-trimmed cape, was nothing short of breathtaking. The fashion parade didn’t end there. For their second look, the couple chose matching white pantsuits with glitter bodices, a daring choice that had their guests “going WILD!”

The wedding day arrived, and guests gathered under the soft glow of the Indianapolis sky, the air buzzing with anticipation. The ceremony, set against the handmade arch and surrounded by nature’s own decor, was a heartfelt exchange. It was punctuated by an unconventional yet perfectly fitting addition: a unity shot of tequila, symbolizing the couple’s fun-loving spirit.

Cocktail hour offered a delightful twist with a pizza food truck serving up all-vegan delights. Amanda recounts, “We had them make all-vegan pizzas.” As the reception unfolded, the couple’s attention to detail shone through. The minimal floral arrangements of white roses, baby’s breath and eucalyptus complemented the flora of the space. The decor accomplished the understated yet elegant aesthetic the brides were going for. Late in the night, the newlyweds and their loved ones shared a few slices of pizza: a deliciously fitting toast to their wedded life.

One of the most anticipated moments of the evening was the reveal of the couple’s second outfits. Before stunning their nearest and dearest in their coordinated outfits, Amanda and Alexa shared a private moment, reconnecting and reflecting on their journey. “One of our favorite moments was changing into our second looks together,” Alexa shares. This intimate interlude allowed them to pause and appreciate the beauty of their special day.

As the night drew to a close, the air was filled with the sounds of music and laughter, a perfect ending to a day that was as unique as their love story. Looking back, the couple had some sage advice for those embarking on their own wedding planning journey. “When making your guest list, think about who has been important to each of you and to you as a couple,” Amanda advises, emphasizing the importance of an intimate and meaningful celebration.

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