Mason Jars with Paper Straws Displayed on Rustic Ladder

Classic Mint Juleps Served on a Malachite-Pattern Tray

Brooch and Flower Bouquets Paired with Long Dresses

Wildflower and Rose Bouquet

Kentucky Derby–Themed Party Favors

Bright, Whimsical Asymmetrical Bridal Bouquet

Pink Garden Bouquet with Seeded Eucalyptus

Bright Sunflower and Anemone Bridal Bouquet

Signature Cocktails in Mason Jars

Fruity Beverages in Crystal Dispensers

White Mirrored Bar

Springy Blue and Pink Garden Color Palette

Southern BBQ Comfort Food and Beer at Cocktail Hour

Pastel Rose and Hydrangea Bouquets

Romantic Peach and White Peony Wedding Bouquet

Garden Rose Bridal Bouquet

Loose Dahlia and Thistle Bridesmaid Bouquets

Lush Pink Peony and Ranunculus Wedding Bouquet

Mason Jar Drinks

Southern Tradition of Burying the Bourbon

Pimm's Cup Signature Cocktail

Shale Jenny Yoo Bridesmaid Dresses

Point d'Esprit Lace Wedding Dress