Stacey & Morgan: A Red and Gold Wedding in Jersey City, NJ

Dating in New York City isn't always what it's cracked up to be (Sorry, Carrie Bradshaw). So Stacey clicked on to see who might be out there. She wasn’t expecting much—until she found Morgan. Fifteen months later, Morgan was ready to propose. The Bride Stacey Ilyse, 26, wedding photographer The Groom Morgan Craft, 28, internet software engineer The Date October 26th After going out to their favorite restaurant in New York's west village, the couple decided to walk home instead of taking the subway or cab. Just as they approached the famous Washington Square Park -- which also happened to be one block from their apartment -- it started to downpour. Morgan stopped, got down on one knee and pulled out a ring that Stacey had designed herself. She quickly said yes, and then told him to get up since they were soaked! Seven months later, the couple married in Jersey City, partly for the view of the New York skyline, but also for the extra parking spaces! They chose a black, white, red and gold color palette.