Stacie & Keith: An Outdoor Wedding in Guerneville, CA

Stacie and Keith first felt sparks at a local San Francisco hangout, The North Star. They struck up a conversation while waiting at the bar, and he left with her number. The Bride Stacie Uchida, 30, advertising sales The Groom Keith Glynn, 35, software sales The Date June 9 Since Stacie was living in San Diego at the time, they started with hour-long phone calls. She eventually relocated to San Francisco, and just over two years later the two were out for a walk and “stumbled” onto a magic show at the farmer’s market (Stacie’s favorite place). Magician “Big Al Catraz” asked for a volunteer -- and Keith’s hand shot up. He was asked to write down his biggest wish, and the magician lit it on fire. Poof! Suddenly, something shiny appeared: a sparkling engagement ring. As Stacie stood in shock, Keith made his way over with a bouquet of flowers and proposed.