Susan & Sean: A Cultural Wedding in Blaine, WA

Susan and Sean knew that a small, simple wedding would suit them best. “As long as we’re married at the end of the day and no guest goes home hungry, we’ll be happy,” was how Sean summed up his goals. The Bride Susan Li, a 30-year-old physician The Groom Sean Kincaid, a 32-year-old anesthesiologist The Date August 28 Sean didn’t have the nerve to approach Susan when he first saw her as a med student in the emergency room at Harborview Medical Center, but he did take note of the name on her ID badge. So after some detective work, he discovered they had a friend in common. A few weeks later, that friend invited both Susan and Sean out to dinner and a movie, and the two hit it off immediately -- almost. “I thought he was cute, but definitely not my type,” Susan admits, adding, “I guess my type changed over time!” A year and a half later, while on a walk along the marina after a romantic dinner, Susan happily accepted Sean’s proposal.