Suzanne & Brent: A Blue and Brown Wedding in Seattle, WA

They say patience is a virtue, and it's one that certainly paid off for Suzanne. Although she was hooked on Brent soon after they met on a Thanksgiving weekend ski trip, he had begun dating someone else by the time Suzanne realized her feelings. Being self-described as standoffish and gun-shy, Suzanne stepped aside in the hope that Brent's new relationship might not work out. By the time New Year's Eve rolled around, it looked to be a happy one indeed, as the two shared their first kiss at midnight. The Bride Suzanne, 36, designer The Groom Brent, 37, transit planner The Date July 30 Three years later, Suzanne arrived home early one evening to find Brent in the midst of preparations for a proposal. Momentarily blinded by hunger, she darted right to the pizza box she spotted on the counter, overlooking the nicely set table and open bottle of wine. Brent gently guided her to the table, where he poured two glasses of wine and, literally, proposed a toast.