Suzanne & Michael: A Traditional Wedding in Beaver Creek, CO

Suzanne thought she was only doing her friend a favor by agreeing to a blind double date, but she still stipulated that her date be tall. In walked her six-foot-six future husband, Michael. The Bride Suzanne Janzen, 29, systems engineer The Groom Michael Ewert, 29, assistant superintendent The Date October 11 The two realized they had a lot in common, and they began seeing each other exclusively soon after. A year later, Michael joined Suzanne’s family on a Thanksgiving trip to Maui. He arranged a private date at an oceanside restaurant. When the couple began reminiscing about their past year together, Michael told Suzanne he wanted to spend the rest of his years with her. Then, with Suzanne’s family secretly watching, he got down on one knee and gave her the ring of her dreams.