Tara & Chris: An Outdoor Wedding in Frederick, MD

Even though Tara and Chris Grier didn't originally attend the same college, they met at a hangout near Tara's school, West Virginia University. They chatted, hit it off and started dating. A year later, Chris decided to transfer to WVU to be even closer to Tara. He graduated a year before her, but took a job in New York City because he knew Tara would soon move there to pursue her fashion career. And she did. The Bride Tara Russo, 25, fashion sales executive The Groom Christopher (Chris) Grier, 26, physical education teacher The Date September 26 Six years after their first meeting, the couple took a trip back to West Virginia. They had dinner at one of their favorite college restaurants and then took a stroll along the Monongahela River. There on the bank, Chris pulled out a custom made ring, exactly like the Harry Winston ring Tara had found in a magazine and fallen in love with months earlier. It was amazing. I was in shock for a little bit and then said yes, says Tara. Nine months later, the couple invited guests to an historic Maryland mansion for a colorful, whimsical wedding.