Tassia & John: A Casual Wedding in Limeport, PA

Locally grown flowers and personalized touches helped make Tassia and John's wedding a hit. The Bride Natassia (Tassia) Reith The Groom John Schreiner The Date August 27 Natassia (Tassia) Reith (a 24-year-old artist) and John Schreiner (a 29-year-old who works in Internet sales) are proof that good things come to those who wait. After meeting through a mutual friend 10 years ago, the two clicked immediately but didn’t date because of their age difference. After building a strong friendship over a few years, John surprised Tassia with the sort of romantic moment many women dream of: “He showed up at my window one night in the rain and announced that he loved me,” Tassia says. After dating for three years, the pair went on separate paths: Tassia left the country to do missionary work, and John started a business and bought a house. John was on his own mission trip to Guatemala two years later when Tassia said a prayer for him and happened to read a group of scriptures about a couple being married. “Something in my heart leapt,” Tassia says, “and I knew that we were to be married.” John soon returned to the States and confessed that he’d never stopped loving Tassia, and when he proposed three months later, they both knew the time was just right.