Tented Reception with String Lights and Birch Tree Planters

Clear Tented Reception in Islamorada, Florida

Clear Tented Reception with Chandeliers

Tented Reception at Barnsley Resort

Tented Garden Reception at Barnsley Resort

Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Clear-Tent Reception for Backyard Wedding

Wooden Banquet Tables

Colorful Tented Reception

Eclectic Tented Reception

Cocktail Bar Setup

Evening Tented Reception

Modern Chandeliers with Black Candelabras

Tented Porch Reception

Clear-Top Tent

Glam Tented Backyard Wedding Ceremony

Custom Flower Wedding Logo

Custom Ceiling Installation Made From Ribbons and Roses

Hanging Umbrellas at Reception

The Argyle Tented Wedding Reception

Ethiopian-Pearl-Inspired Tabletop

Sole East Tented Reception

Whimsical Willowdale Estate Tented Reception