This Couple Hosted a Bright Rainbow-Themed Wedding at Coopers Hall in Portland, Oregon

Jojo and Skyler's wedding at Coopers Hall in <a href="" target="_blank" style="">Portlan

Jojo and Skyler's wedding at Coopers Hall in Portland, Oregon, was all about color! The couple wanted their wedding "to be bright, unique, and a blast. Our relationship is a little wonderful, a little wild, and something that is unique in this world. We wanted our guests to have a great time with smiles on everyone’s face, vendors included," explains the couple. 

Before the couple launched into planning the details of their wedding day, and before they were even officially engaged, they knew from the onset that hosting the nuptials in Portland was a must. "We selected Portland for three reasons. Firstly, to show all our favorite people where we live. We also wanted to show our love through our eyes, and to have everyone come to us to make it easier on us. One less thing to think about! Our venue is one of our favorite places in Portland, Oregon, and we’ve become regular due to its great food, amazing wine, and the most welcoming, inclusive staff." Jojo goes on to explain that "when Skyler and I started talking about engagements, we always thought about Coopers Hall being our wedding venue. One night we went to there for wine and food. After a few glasses of wine, we decided to book our wedding date in 2021 with a deposit…. without even being engaged yet. Skyler says, 'He knew it would happen, and the venue was perfect.' The rest was a history that ended up in our perfect wedding!"

Once they settled on Portland as the location for their wedding, the couple got to work planning their wedding with a "bright, colorful prom" theme. "The rule was no wearing black, brown, blue, or greys (or any dark color) for all guests, which brought the most bright, amazing outfits," explains the duo. 

Flowers were a central part of bringing their bright-and-colorful wedding to life. "Flowers are our favorite thing," says Skyler. "We needed to incorporate flowers into the whole wedding. Besides the decor, Jojo’s wedding party wore flower crowns, and there were adult flower people in custom floral outfits representing the floral theme! It was especially important to make the arch seem like a floral wonderland centerpiece of the whole wedding and Jojo’s flowers were an expression of the rainbow, radiant floral." Jojo shares that "the florals were fresh, bright, and colorful which put a smile on everyone’s face. Honestly, it was hard to describe how we wanted to florals. We wanted bright, rainbow, vivacious, one-of-a-kind, and more. It would be tough for anyone, but our florist makes the best designs, which made our floral vision and dreams come true! Finally, we wanted our community represented in the rainbow. Go Pride! Go, LGBTQIA+ love!"

Groom in Colorful Jumpsuit Kissing Partner in Suit
Rainbow Wedding Bouquet With Anemonies and Daffodils
Belt With Rainbow Embellishments
Groom With Flower Crown and Rainbow Wedding Bouquet
Orange Tie and Colorful Boutonniere
Wedding Ring With Blue and Green Gemstones
Wedding Ceremony With Wood Wine Barrels at Coopers Hall in Portland, Oregon
Wedding Attendants in Colorful Attire Escorting Dog
Groom Crying During Wedding Vow Exchange
Wedding Party in Colorful Attire at Coopers Hall in Portland, Oregon
Wine Barrels at Coopers Hall in Portland, Oregon
Grooms Pouring Champagne for Champagne Tower
Grooms Kissing During Sparkler Exit