This Couple's Al Fresco Reception in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Is Neutral-Hued and Next-Level

"I mean, what's better than a weekend getaway to Cabo with all your closest friends and family? And on top of that it's your wedding!?! It was truly m

"I mean, what's better than a weekend getaway to Cabo with all your closest friends and family? And on top of that it's your wedding!?! It was truly magical. We wanted the weekend to be fun and intimate at the same time," Rachel recalls of her and Corey's destination wedding on the beach in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. "Our colors were neutrals with accent shades of pink. I didn't want our wedding to be so 'traditional'. I wanted things to flow naturally without forcing or timing them out. My bridesmaids wore white. There's something about white bridesmaid dresses that makes me swoon. Especially when you're getting married in Cabo, the setting is so beautiful, I didn't want a colorful dress distracting you from it. all the girls looked bomb!"

For their wedding in Cabo, the energy was not a concern, so the couple focused much of their planning on the day's aesthetic. "With such a close, wild group of friends, I had no worries for the night needing additional entertainment or excitement. My friends can bring that to any situation, and I mean we were in Cabo. My main focus was on the intimate, romantic vibes. Corey and I have such a strong love and appreciation for our loved ones and I wanted the moment to fit that for our guests to feel. My only request was that we incorporate disco balls somewhere in the reception!" As for the ceremony earlier in the day, the couple, "decided to do flowers on the ground for the ceremony. An arch or anything too tall would take away the visibility of the ocean." 

Beyond making sure the day was beautiful, it was important to the couple that the celebration feel like them, a feat they achieved with customized event branding.  The couple commissioned a custom logo and used it, "a ton of ways throughout the weekend. Our welcome party had a full-service coconut bar, and of course the coconuts were branded! When arriving in their hotel rooms, guests had a beach bag filled with goodies waiting for them. We wanted to give something that our guest could actually use for the weekend. The Bounds branded beach bag included a towel and hat that were both also branded. It was great. The Solaz pool was filled with walking Bounds advertisements all weekend! My personal fave was the Cabo-style headbands we had made for the wedding late night! If you've been to Cabo, you know the headbands," Rachel shares of the personalized details that permeated the event. 

When it all came to a close, Rachel had this advice to share with current to-be-weds: "It's easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing at their wedding. Be sure you stay true to yourself and what your style is. Your friends and family will love the little elements that remind them of you. It's funny, after being in a number of weddings these past two years, you can tell each of my friends' styles through our weddings. They have all been different and great in their own ways. Lastly, remind yourself a few times throughout the different wedding events to step back, breath, and watch your loved ones in the moment. It's so surreal and puts a smile on my face any time I look back on it. This is the weekend you've been waiting for your whole life! And it will fly by in a second." 

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