This Scottsdale, Arizona, Wedding Had a Moody Emerald-and-Bronze Color Palette

Phoenix is a very special place for Pauline and David "DK" and getting married there was an easy decision. Less simple, however, was settling on the p

Phoenix is a very special place for Pauline and David "DK" and getting married there was an easy decision. Less simple, however, was settling on the perfect venue in the area. "We always wanted a destination wedding in a warm location, we loved the Royal Palms as a venue because of its's old charm and Spanish-inspired design and lush grounds. We instantly fell in love. We had been running around visiting numerous venues and none seemed to feel special and we unexpectedly visited the Royal Palms at 10 pm one night and even in the dark, fell in love with the space. I would describe our color palette/design motif as lush, natural and wild. We incorporated a lot of earth tones into our florals and the venue was so lush with greens, we did not need to add much to the venue from a design perspective. It was perfect," Pauline recalls. 

After settling on a wedding venue, the couple knew they wanted to plan a celebration that felt true to them, and their interests, as a couple. "The most important factor for us was making the day very personal and intimate for us and our guests. Whether guests were lifelong friends or friendships through work, we wanted every guest to feel connected to us on this day. All of the other details wouldn't matter as much if our guests or we felt disconnected. I can say that our wedding truly felt like 'us.'" Having a close friend officiate the wedding was one way Pauline and DK made sure their wedding kicked off on an intimate note. "We knew that we wanted every aspect of our wedding to be personal and intimate—having our close friend officiate was a no-brainer," Pauline shares of the ceremony, which was decorated,  "simply with 2 gold stands with wild floral arrangements, similar to my bouquet, and moroccan rug runners in the aisle." The ceremony décor mirrored the bouquet Pauline carried, which was, "a large European hand tied bouquet featuring earth tones and unusual, unique blooms such as scabiosa, magnolia leaf and pampas grass. The bouquet and the florals throughout the wedding were always intended to be wild and whimsical, creating a very lush and romantic atmosphere." 

Bridesmaids in Dark Emerald Dresses at Scottsdale, Arizona, Wedding
Bridal Portraits at Scottsdale, Arizona, Wedding
Dramatic Floral Arrangement at Scottsdale, Arizona, Wedding
Ceremony at Scottsdale, Arizona, Wedding
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