Tiffani & Toni: A Formal Wedding in Pittsburgh, PA

Californians Tiffani and Tony met, lived, and were engaged near California beaches, so they incorporated a sunny coastal theme along with Tiffani’s signature color: I always loved my name, Tiffani, and all things Tiffany & Co ... it was clear that my wedding details would be Tiffany Blue, she explains. The Bride Tiffani McGivern The Groom Anthony (Tony) Gallippi The Date July 24 Anthony and Tiffani had been dating for four years when he planned a weekend trip to San Francisco for a week after their anniversary. I thought this was just to make up for another anniversary gone by without a ring! recalls Tiffani, a 33-year-old senior graphic designer. But as the couple (who met and live in Hermosa Beach, CA) was on their way to the Bay Area, Tony, a 38-year-old director of systems engineering, winked and told her they were taking the scenic route. To Tiffani's surprise, they ended up in romantic Half Moon Bay 30 miles from downtown San Francisco. Before I could say anything, the valet took our bags and whisked us up to our oceanfront suite! Tiffani says. We quickly ran down to the beach to watch the sunset, and as the waves were crashing around us, holding each other to keep warm, Tony took my hands and got down on one knee -- and handed her the Tiffany & Co. ring she had always wanted. It was well worth the wait for Tiffani, knowing that this was just the kick off for their West (coast) meets East celebration.