Traditional Persian Sofreh Table With Handmade Items

Mina and Alex had a Sofreh table at their reception. This Persian tradition is a display of items that are believed to symbolize health and happiness for the newlyweds.


Custom Arabic Monogram Cocktail Stirrers and Napkins

Reception Belly Dancer Performance

Christian Marriage Vow Exchange

Traditional Persian Ceremony Accessory Table

Soosan and Chris, Persian Ceremony

Traditional Arabic and Kuwait Henna

Traditional Persian Ceremonial Props

Traditional Persian Aghd

Hand-Painted Arabic Bride and Groom Signs

Persian Wedding Ceremony Tradition

Traditional Persian Sofreh Aghd

Beaded Flowers in Rice, Ceremony Accessory

The Bride's Bare Feet with Traditional Henna

Passed Appetizers During Cocktail Hour

Traditional Persian Sofreh Aghd Set Up

Atrium Ceremony, Manor House Venue

Traditional Persian Ceremony, Soosan and Chris

Flowers in Silver Vase, Ceremony Accessories

A Middle Eastern Ceremony at Choate Rosemary Hall