Traditional Wedding in Fallbrook, CA

Shanel and David met at the mall when they were in tenth grade. They liked each other right away and started dating, but their relationship was short-lived. After they stopped going out, David still called Shanel all the time, and by senior year, they had become great friends. It wasn’t until David went away to school in Michigan that the pair realized they had real feelings for each other. The Bride Shanel Prudholme, 27 The Groom David Malonson, 26 The Date July 5 They dated for four-and-a-half years before David proposed during a weekend trip to Marina Del Rey. Shanel was all set to leave for dinner when David suggested they play Scrabble first. She couldn’t understand why he wanted to play and protested. Finally, she opened the game to find “Will you marry me” spelled out in wooden letters on the board.