Tropical Wedding in Winter Park, FL

While in college, mutual friends set up Mike with Kim. Mike worked nights the first year they dated, so the couple stayed connected by leaving each other notes and surprise gifts. The Bride Kim Hallisey, 28, arts administrator The Groom Mike Walz, 28, beverage service coordinator The Date October 4 After two years together, Kim let Mike in on her love for vintage jewelry, and he told her about a diamond ring that had been in his family for over five generations. She got to see it, but then Mike stashed the ring in a drawer. From then on, Kim would check if the ring was still in the drawer, and it always was -- even on the day Mike proposed! The two were walking on the beach when Mike started digging in the sand. He pretended to find a shiny object and a minute later, they were engaged -- Mike had put a decoy ring in the drawer to throw Kim off! Orange and green details gave their wedding a tropical feel.