Twyla & Andrew: A Modern Wedding in New York, NY

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to plan for something, you can still be surprised. Such was the case for Twyla Huang. Twyla and boyfriend Andrew DiSimone had planned a “day of surprises” to celebrate their five-year anniversary. The idea was for each of them to surprise one another with fun things to do in the city that neither of them had ever done before, things like “Go to the Oyster Bar in Grand Central” and “Walk around Central Park.” The Bride Twyla Huang, 29, creative services manager The Groom Andrew DiSimone, 30, web manager The Date September 3 But once Twyla and Andrew realized what a logistical nightmare the day could turn into, they decided to make a plan. Each of them wrote down their ideas and took turns picking the day’s activities out of a hat. As Twyla opened her final pick, she was immediately floored: “It said ‘Get Engaged,’” she remembers. With that, Andrew pulled out a ring and proposed, and Twyla -- realizing that you can’t plan everything -- happily said yes.