Unique Geometric Wedding Band

Joe, Cristal, and Joe's daughter, Cheyenne, were on the way to a friend’s house to celebrate New Year's Eve and stopped on the way to pick up tacos from Taco Bell. Joe reached down, in jest, and picked up a hot-sauce packet with the words "Will you marry me?" printed on it. Cristal played along and picked one up that said, "I'm up for it if you are.” Lastly, Cheyenne picked one up that said "Things just got real." They all had a good laugh and finished their tacos. Once they arrived at their friend’s house, Cristal noticed Joe was fumbling around in the car for a few minutes. Cristal came back over to see what was going on, and Joe got down on one knee with the "Will you marry me?" hot-sauce packet and her ring in his hand. After an enthusiastic yes, the couple went into the party to tell their friends and celebrate with champagne.

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