Vibrant Shades of Purple and Teal Set Apart This Aspen, Colorado, Wedding at Lynn Britt Cabin

Alex and Matias’ love story started out as a low-key friendship and culminated in a surprise proposal surrounded by hundreds of candles and their ador

Alex and Matias’ love story started out as a low-key friendship and culminated in a surprise proposal surrounded by hundreds of candles and their adorable pups. And, as the pinnacle of their love story, the couple exchanged vows with a wedding in Aspen, Colorado, at Lynn Britt Cabin after the COVID-19 pandemic made their original Texas wedding plans an impossibility. To complement the Rocky Mountain backdrop at their Aspen wedding, the couple settled on a vibrant jewel-tone color palette filled with purples, pinks, teal and orange. Though Alex and Matias' wedding came together in under three short months, the couple ensured that nothing was overlooked and managed to fill the entire wedding celebration with meaningful details. Notably, a custom crest made multiple appearances throughout (like on their bar front!) and the couple's cake stand was cut from a tree on Alex's family's ranch in Texas before Matias hand-carved the stump into a cake stand. And since many of their loved ones were unable to travel, Alex and Matias live-streamed the event for loved ones as far away as Peru and England to celebrate with them virtually. 

"We were inspired by jewel tones," explains Alex of the foundation for her and Matias' wedding design. "While I originally envisioned neutral tones for our pre-COVID wedding that we were planning in Texas, I did a complete 180 for our Aspen wedding. The bridesmaids each wore unique jewel-tone dresses and the groomsmen wore different colored ties. Since our wedding was during COVID-19, many of our loved ones were unable to travel. For this reason, we live-streamed our ceremony and had friends and family tune in from several states across the US, London, and even Peru, where my husband's extended family lives. We loved receiving pictures of many of our remote guests dressed up in front of the TV! One family out of Ohio even bought a wedding cake to celebrate," reminisces Alex. 

Of the planning process, Alex shares that "my stepmom and I were quite the planning powerhouse since we were planning the wedding in under three months. We went up to Aspen three weeks before the wedding to see the venue (for the first time!), meet with vendors, and ensure that we had everything that we needed. My stepmom had our linens made, I designed custom bar decals, and we even purchased antler chandeliers from some locals to use at the reception!" 

Looking back on how the day came together, Alex notes that "our ceremony was so, so perfect. I have probably watched the video 100 times. The reception tent was vibrant and filled with many meaningful details. One of the most notable pieces was the cake stand that we made! My three siblings helped cut it from a fallen tree at my family's ranch in Texas. Matias carved our initials into it and spray-painted it gold to match the decor. It's currently on display in our kitchen and will be something we have for the rest of our lives. I'm also so glad that I did a first look with both my husband and my dad. When my dad saw me, he teared up but also wanted to start practicing our first dance which was pretty funny since we were surrounded by the photographer and videographer. I honestly had the absolute best time dancing at the reception. Our band was amazing, and one of my brothers came up with some pretty impressive dance moves on the fly and swung me around like it was nobody's business. So thankful that we hired a videographer to capture the magic."

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