Terrariums Hanging Over Head Table

Rustic, Vintage-Inspired Invitations

Vintage Vase

Vintage Couches and Chairs at Country-Style Reception

Handmade Floral Coasters

Floral-Themed Pink and Green Place Settings

Custom Blue Letterpress Wedding Invitations

Simple, Vintage-Inspired Rustic Decor

Rustic Handwritten Gift Tag Escort Cards

Winter Wedding Reception at Flanagan Farm

Vintage Lounge Area

Vintage Glassware as Table Decor

Vintage Turquoise Couch, Ceremony Seating

Citrus Incorporated in Centerpieces

Colorful Vintage Lounge

Vintage VW Bus Photo Booth

Vintage-Inspired Skeleton-Key Place Cards

Dessert Table With Homemade Pies and Vintage Decor

Vintage Furniture Lounge Areas During Cocktail Hour

Silver Centerpieces With Lace Decor

Outdoor Dessert Table on Vintage Hutch

Mismatched China Dinnerware with Rosette Linens

Whimsical Moss and Vintage Book Centerpiece