Virginia & Camp: A Modern Wedding in Chattanooga, TN

Virginia and Camp first met in a psychology course in college, but it wasn’t until they began hanging out after their weekly Campus Crusade for Christ meetings that they really connected. Their first date was at a soul food restaurant followed by hours of playing around in Wal-Mart since the planned tree climbing they wanted to do was rained out. Camp said it was “pretty awkward and awesome at the same time.” The Bride Virginia McIntyre, 23, interior designer The Groom Camp Craig, 24, process engineer The Date July 7 After more than two years of dating, Camp asked Virginia’s dad for permission to marry her. For the proposal, Camp hatched a plan to have Virginia’s mom take her shopping for the day and then lead Virginia to a walking bridge overlooking the Tennessee River right at sunset. Sure enough, the plan worked, and as the sun set, Camp asked Virginia to be his wife. They went to dinner at their favorite restaurant and began planning their modern-meets-traditional wedding.