One Couple's Earthy and Elegant Vow Renewal at Taft Peak in Yosemite National Park

Sometimes, love is found in the familiar. Priscila and David Nunez grew up together, and "over time, we became really good friends," explains Priscila

Sometimes, love is found in the familiar. Priscila and David Nunez grew up together, and "over time, we became really good friends," explains Priscila. Their relationship took root and grew before culminating in a moment that Priscila had always dreamed of. After a romantic dinner, David popped the question. The bride recalls, "My husband's proposal was exactly what I've always wished for, which is simple and intimate." She treasures the serenity of that moment, emphasizing, "The best part of having an intimate proposal is that there are no distractions. It's a moment between us two that I remember so vividly down to the smallest details." They hosted a big wedding for all of their family and friends. "The inspiration behind this Yosemite vow renewal was being able to slow down and purely take the day to celebrate us," Priscila reflects. In fact, they planned their renewal after the unadulterated intimacy and simplicity of the original proposal.

The setting itself was a majestic guest of honor. "The true decor was having Yosemite National Park as a backdrop," Priscila muses, emphasizing how the grandeur of nature ensured elaborate decorations weren't needed. This wasn't just about aesthetics; it was about harmony with the environment, a principle that extended to their choice of flowers. Collaborating with their florist, they chose blooms that were "non-invasive, native to the northern California region," enhancing rather than encroaching upon the natural splendor.

The fashion choices for their special day were nothing short of a fairy tale. The bride's stunning Marchesa gown, discovered serendipitously just days before the wedding, was "the epitome of effortless romance and elegance," as Priscila puts it. It seemed to capture their relationship perfectly: beautiful, ethereal and remarkably resilient. David, in a complementary and modern burnt orange suit, and Priscila, in her gown, were a vision of love in the wild.

As the special day dawned, the couple began their ascent to Taft Point. The ceremony, set against the breathtaking expanse of Yosemite, was a poignant reflection of Priscila and David's journey. "We rewrote our vows from our wedding day to be personally reflected and aligned with who we are today," Priscila shares, highlighting the depth of thought and emotion that went into every aspect of their day.

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds shared moments of joy and laughter, the setting sun casting a warm glow over the peak. "My absolute favorite part of this day was sitting on Taft Point and enjoying the sunset with my husband right after our vows," Priscila recalls: a sentiment that captured the soulful simplicity at the heart of their celebration. Reflecting on their journey, Priscila and David gave some sage advice as a couple who've hosted both a big wedding and an intimate renewal. "Keep it simple and make it yours," Priscila advises, echoing the philosophy that guided their own planning process. "If during your planning you feel as if something does not align with who you are, then either put it to a halt or change it."

Bride With Bouquet of White, Peach, Yellow and Deep-Toned Flowers, Mini-Greenery
Bride Wiping Tear Away From Groom in Pale Burnt Orange Suit
A bride in a long Marchesa A-line gown, a statement necklace, a small floral hair accessory and a wildflower bouquet embraces her groom in a pale burnt orange suit at a hotel in Yosemite.
A bouquet of white, yellow and peach wildflowers with a long ribbon next to two baby blue vow booklets resting on a bride's tulle gown skirt for an elopement vow renewal in Yosemite National Park.
Bride in Gown and Groom in Burnt Orange Suit Hike Up Mountain in Yosemite
Bride in A-Line Gown, Groom in Burnt Orange Suit Walking on Mountain in Yosemite
Couple Embracing From Afar on Cliff, Taft Point in Yosemite
Bride and Groom With Bouquet, Elopement on Mountain at Sunset
Mountain Views from Taft Peak in Yosemite National Park at Sundown